Making Neapolitan pizza has always been my great passion!

My name is Claudia, I’m 32 years old and I was born in a small town in Campania (the geographical region of Naples.)

I’m not a chef or a baker, but I’m passionate about making pizza. Yes, just like you!

What I did in order to be able to talk about “how to make a real Neapolitan pizza”, was to study and experiment for many years the different pizza making processes.

The reason why I did it, is a food intolerance, that make for me hard to eat pizza in pizzerias.

So, I studied extensively to find what makes a Neapolitan pizza “authentic”.

Then, I experimented for 2 years and have fine-tuned an unrivalled-technique in making pizza at home.

I created the SfidaPizza website in order to bring you the results of these studies.

You might know that who makes pizzas professionally, does not have much interest in revealing his secrets or putting himself in the shoes of those who have a simply home kitchen to make pizzas.

But I do.

For us enthusiastic pizza makers, at times I’m sure it has been a challenge (in Italian we use the word “sfida”), but in my website you will find everything you need to win this challenge!

Welcome to SfidaPizza!